Dedication opportunities.

Publishing Shas:

Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Have a Mesachos published in the memory of a loved one. It will be learned by thousands across the world. 

  • A sponsored Mesachos is half price.
  • A dedication message will be heard before each shiur. 
  • Free giveaway on the yurtzit.

Here is a list of the different Mesachos NOW available. 

Pesachim - Yoma - Succah - Beitzah -Taanis - Megilah - Moed Katan
Yevamos - Kesubos - Nedarim Vol 2 - Gittin - Bava Kama - Avodah Zarah.


Or sponsor a daf for $180.
Mesichta Magilah is now open for individual daf'im.
Follow the link:


Please call us 347-541-8051 or Email: 

 Thousands of hours of Torah of many can be yours!