Mission Statement

Kol Avigdor - A voice for Eternity 

With the help of Hashem! Kol Avigdor was established in the year 2005 with the goal of perpetuating the teachings of our great Rebbi. 

Lectures and Gemara Shiurim that had been recorded on cassette tapes by his devoted talmidim for about 30 years, were shared between the talmidim as they carefully reviewed each shiur; fulfilling the Rebbi's wish for them to become true Bnei Torah.

As time passed on those precious old cassettes ended up in big boxes stored away in dusty attics or damp cellars. The voice of our beloved Rebbi began getting lost fearfully forever. 

While barely having a chance to bathe in the radiance of Rebbi on some Thursday nights,  Rebbi quickly became my true teacher.

A desire grew in me, not only to learn the Thursday night lectures from Rebbi but to learn Shas and understand it with his unique explanations.

A burning desire was kindled to find those forgotten cassettes and secure the whole Shas on cassette in one place. As we started, technology took a leap and we quickly adapted, digitizing all the Shiurim into mp3. 

In the summer of 2012 as the Daf Yomi cycle commenced with Berachos we published our first volume in Shas. By now 16 Mesichtos have been published 

In 2020 Yeshiva Bnei Avigdor was established. A global enterprise sharing the Shas shiurim daily with hundreds of Jews around the World

Now 17 years after the birth of this project 98% of Shas has already been digitized. Some old tapes have yet to be found and published. The rest is in the making...