Rabbi Avigdor Miller SimchaPod
Rabbi Avigdor Miller SimchaPod
Simchas Hachaim

Rabbi Avigdor Miller SimchaPod

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Treat yourself and your family to
the ALL NEW Rabbi Avigdor Miller


Say YES to the spiritual treat you’ve been dreaming about: the life-changing shiurim of Rabbi Avigdor Miller

Join the one thousand SimchaPod owners who made the investment of a lifetime and treat yourself today to a radiant new life of emunahbitachon, and deveikus in Hashem! It's a new Shabbas! A new Shemoneh Esreh! A glowing new simchas hachaim!



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Get 180 days to fall in love with your SimchaPod!


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 Get a brand new iPod Touch:

  • Loaded with more than 1,900 shiurim
  • The entire Thursday night lecture series… at your fingertips!
  • Six mussar sfarim, Rambam, Pirkei Avos and more





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SimchaPod owners speak:

“It’s like climbing into a bubble where I’m surrounded by ruchnius.”
“I drive a lot and I listen to a lot of shiurim. It has literally changed my life.”
“It constantly refocuses me on Hashem.”
“Tell everybody it’s the best investment in the world. It’s better than a car, better than a house. It’s cheap Olam
“It’s like a playground for your neshama. I look at the list of shiurim and I literally don’t know where to dive in
“I’ve made changes in my life based on one listening of one shiur
“With a SimchaPod you can make it Rabbi Miller’s teachings a daily part of your life. When you have that kind of
continuity you get a mindset. You find yourself thinking along those lines.”
“At the Shabbas table I always have something to say over based on what I heard from Rabbi Miller that week.”
“What it’s worth? It’s priceless. You can’t put a dollar amount on it.”
"The Simchapod doesn’t just affect the person who’s listening, it affects the whole mishpacha.”
“It will certainly have a positive effect on anyone who listens to it.”